We’re an all-inclusive group of enthusiasts of all things stationery in the Los Angeles metro area. Our interests include modern and vintage fountain pens, fountain pen inks, paper and other stationery items. We act as a Los Angeles Fountain Pen Club and Orange County Fountain Pen club combined.


We thought it was a fun way to capture what we’re all about – pens and ink. And being in LA, there has to be a little bit of glam! We liked what the folks over at GNYPIG were doing, and the founding members voted it in.

So what’s the deal?

Our meet-ups typically involve lots of sharing of pen collections, passing of ink samples to take home, good conversation, food and drink, and sometimes a trade or two. There’s no pretension, and even if you don’t own any fountain pens you’re welcome to join us and try out some things to see what you like!

There are no membership requirements; all are welcome. We tend to meet quarterly in the LA/OC metro area.

How do I join?

To participate, use the contact form to register your email in the list, and you’ll be included on the announcements for each event. We’ll never share your email with anybody else or send you paid advertisements.

We also have a Slack team where you can chat real-time with other members; just request an invite and we’ll get you added. Hope to see you around.


June 2018 Meetup Announced

The June 2018 meetup is scheduled for June 24 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm in Santa Ana, CA. The details can be found here: http://glampig.club/?tribe_events=glampig-meetup-june-2018 There’s a requested donation of $10 per person who attends Read more…


If you'd like to join the group and attend our meet-ups, please use the form to send your contact info. Let us know which city you reside in so we can better choose locations that work best for the group.